Madsen Wire Material Handling Products

Three Time Proven Qualities

Our success in wire material handling products has been predicated on three time proven qualities:

1.) Quality in the raw materials we use
2.) Product design capabilities that are among the highest in the industry
3.) Performance of our products that consistently exceeds customers’ expectation

A Variety of Wire Material Handling Options

Utilizing the above criteria, our material handling operation covers a wide range of products.  An all-welded wire compartment basket gives longer service under rugged working conditions.  Open construction permits self-draining and cleaning, easy stacking, minimum surface contact and convenient parts handling.  Wire mesh containers ensure faster, safer handling and stacking.  Strong and light weight, these containers reduce handling costs, parts damage and container maintenance.  Many wire mesh material handling containers feature reinforced, electro-welded steel rod construction.  Those are items that helped Madsen Wire get started in wire material handling products.  Today we have expanded to offering a variety of material handling wire parts. 

Custom Utility Carts

Madsen Wire makes custom utility carts.  We will help you evaluate your need and procure the best rated casters for a rolling utility cart.  Utility carts can be developed secured material handling where the product can be completely secured in an enclosed material handling cart.  We can make the material handling cart or utility cart with wire, sheet metal and tubing to fit your needs.  We have clients who need material handling carts and racks for industrial applications and those looking for a utility cart or rack for point of purchase displays

The following pictures are just a few of the material handling products we have made:

Pallet for Materials HandlingPepsi Cart Materials Handling

Contact Madsen Wire at 260-829-6561 for your utility carts or material handling product needs. Request a quote today!

Feature Service or Item

OEM Wire Components

A large portion of the parts fabricated by Madsen Wire Products are OEM Wire Components for Original Equipment Manufacturers.  These customers have been an integral part of our success.  Madsen Wire makes straight and cutoff wire parts with chamfered edges.  We make OEM Steel Wire components with radius bends per customer prints.  Carbon steel and stainless steel wire are commonly used in these parts.  If it is wire, we can form it, straighten it and make it to your needs!

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