Design and Engineering

Quality Wire Fabrication Design & Engineering

Many years of experience in the design, tooling and manufacture of steel wire fabrication and custom assemblies has established Madsen Wire Products as a quality supplier to an ever increasing number of American businesses.  We pride ourselves in our ability to work closely and effectively with the customer in solving their needs for a simple part or a complicated assembly. 

Innovative Wire Customization

Madsen Wire is unique in that we have our own tooling and sample shop.  This allows the use of innovative approaches in manufacturing and the ability to respond quickly to the customer’s need for samples/prototypes. 

Our design and process engineering team provides assistance for the initial concept to the completion of the order. 

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Feature Service or Item

OEM Wire Components

A large portion of the parts fabricated by Madsen Wire Products are OEM Wire Components for Original Equipment Manufacturers.  These customers have been an integral part of our success.  Madsen Wire makes straight and cutoff wire parts with chamfered edges.  We make OEM Steel Wire components with radius bends per customer prints.  Carbon steel and stainless steel wire are commonly used in these parts.  If it is wire, we can form it, straighten it and make it to your needs!

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