Custom Wire Parts

Our CNC wire forming equipment can make almost any wire part or shape, no matter how different the shape may be from simple hooks to multiple plane wire forms, to circular wire forms to straightened and cut off wire fabricated parts mesh welded together.  Some of our custom wire parts consist of wire hooks, wire handles, stainless steel wire latches, stainless steel hangers, wire hooks made of aluminum and carbon steel, wire forms in S, C and U shapes and much more.  Other wire parts made by Madsen Wire include wire mesh containers, grid panels, wire covers, carts and baskets. 

            Below are a few of the custom wire parts we have made:                     

Wire Pastry Bag Holder

This pastry bag holder was a special custom made wire part which holds a pastry bag open and allows the pastry chef to have multiple pastry bags out and ready to use while decorating cakes, cookies and more!  We make this wire part in lots of 500 at a time. 

Madsen Wire makes wire parts for inserting into pegboard and slat walls.  The following are a few wire parts for the retail point of purchase industry:

Custom Wire PartsCustom Wire HooksCustom Wire PartsPeg Board Broom RackPeg Hook Wire PartsPeg Wire Rack Parts



Contact us at 260-829-6561 to discuss your custom wire part needs.  

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OEM Wire Components

A large portion of the parts fabricated by Madsen Wire Products are OEM Wire Components for Original Equipment Manufacturers.  These customers have been an integral part of our success.  Madsen Wire makes straight and cutoff wire parts with chamfered edges.  We make OEM Steel Wire components with radius bends per customer prints.  Carbon steel and stainless steel wire are commonly used in these parts.  If it is wire, we can form it, straighten it and make it to your needs!

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